how many times can i be playing well and not getting a reward played another sit and go tonight 7 on trot when i am doing really nice above the average chipcount no problems reaching the money but yet again when my raise with aq suited  from the sb i get raised allin by the small stack who is in the bb i call the allin as he has been really loose and playing any two cards so i call the allin which is worth half my chips thinking pretty much a good call knowing chances are he has nothing and i am way ahead i was right he has a7 suit and guess what i hit the queen happy days !! yeah you would think not with 4 6 on the flop yeah you guessed a 5 on the turn !! yep then a 8 on the river for the straight !!!!!!!! surpised i was lol so for the 7  time on the trot i miss out just on the bubble or shy of it when i would have been itm in all !!! you might say fold near the bubble but when the blinds are so high when you get decent cards late and you have the oportuntity to get more chips to get to the final table you take it dont you or am i wrong !!!