H U D  i just think its a shame that lots off players are using it now i would rather rely on my skill as a player i have never used it and i do think it gives an unfair advantage to your oposing player i know players have used it against me but i do not care as i enjoy not knowing what my players stats are but using my gut feeling on op and thier hands i enjoy poker very much and the buzz of winning because you can win without       using a H U D and i have many times when your at a table a live event you do not have a H u D YOU have to use your gut feeling and play the hand to the best of your ability its a bit like you playing sports and having one player on performance enhancing drugsand your not bit unfair if that gives him the advantage all i am saying is be true to this wonderful game and play it fair like everyone else trust your guts and your ability like i do YOU CAN WIN WITHOUT IT thats if your any good just be nice if we all played poker the way it should be played thanx