My last post dealt with the bounty I was putting on myself for the Pokerstars Twitter Poker League. Strangely, the more I tweeted about the event, the more I started to look forward to it. Pre-event I even responded to a couple of requests for staking for the tourney. I had taken down a 3x Turbo Shoot out on Pokerstars the night before, so I had a little extra cash in the account. The Tournament starts at 1pm MDT. The first hand I am UTG with 88. I raise up to 3xBB, and the table folds around to the Big Blind.....who promptly goes all in. So, does he have a big hand or is this a move? Knowing that I was planning a deep run, I did the only thing I could do. I called. Dirtlad is a dumbass. So, there I am, all in with 88 vs AA in the first hand. Needless to say, I was knocked out. And I paid the $1.10 bounty. Bounty on Dirtlad II If you knock Dirtlad (me) out of the Tournament on July 18th, 2010 AND tweet a message about it with the hash tag #tpoker, I will transfer a bounty to your pokerstars account, based upon the following finish in the tournament Finish Bounty$ > 1000 $1.10 900-999 $2.00 800-899 $2.50 700-799 $3.00 600-699 $3.50 500-599 $4.00 400-499 $4.50 300-399 $5.00 200-299 $6.00 100-199 $7.00 75-99 $8.00 50-74 $9.00 25-49 $10.00 This time, I won't be all in with anything the first hand. Even if I get AA