That didn't take long... Current BR: $126.11


I will be slowly taking shots at 5nl zoom as I transition up!

Here's my 2nl graph without the initial 5nl shots and stats:

Total hands: 16,361

bb/100: 18.00

Net Won USD: $58.90

Some key hands that got me to where I am...

Tanked on this turn for awhile but I felt like my implied odds were too good to fold

$1.18 from the button??? yumm 59bbs "I'm all in.."

Stop squeezing dude!

Current graph as of March 18th - 2015

Total Hands: 17,516

Net Won USD: $46.11

bb/100: 15.4

VPIP: 24.2

PRF: 20

3B: 7.65

Total BR: $126.11

Time to move up!