I failed. Dropped 4 stacks during my "shot" and now it's time to grind it back. The weekend grind went so slow. I've been card dead for approximately 6k hands!

I'm going to change up the require BR for this challenge, here's what I'm going to use.

Blinds               Buy-in     Required Bankroll
$0.01/$0.02     $2            $50
$0.02/$0.05     $5            $125
$0.05/$0.10     $10          $250
$0.10/$0.25     $25          $625
$0.25/$0.50     $50          $1250

Current BR: $85.69

Current winrate at 2nl: 13.11bb/100 (9,914 hands)

I won't be attempting 5nl until my BR is at $125.00. My next post will be once I reach 5nl! Hopefully I can grind it up quickly.

Current graph...