In the last tourny I laid down QQ and took some flak for it.  I just want to defend my action and then Ill let you be the judge.
The blinds are 300-600 and we have about 110 players left to make the money.  I have 4800 in late position with QQ.  A big stack with 12000 makes it 2100.  A player with 4200 calls.  I felt that I have almost enough to make the money but not quite.  I could maybe call and if no Ace or King then push.  But calling is essentialy half my stack.  I could go all in but I need points not chips.
I just moved to this table so I dont know what the big stack plays although his bet was a little much.  I wasnt worried about the smaller stack if he had a real hand he would have gone all in.
They go allin I decide to fold and big turns over 10 10 and small turns over 77.  Neither hits so I would have won a very nice pot.
I got switched to another table and I ended up cashing.
What do you think.  Play the big hand or fold.