The last two weeks have really hammered home the importance of mindset when playing poker. See, I posted a grand total of 2 positive scores after the 19th of November. The last half of November was not good for me. See, a fairly heavy rain storm revealed some heretofore undiscovered hail damage to our roof -- via a leaking ceiling tile; so we're looking at a $5-6K repair job. And then I got some news that put a fairly significant strain on an important relationship outside of the poker room.
The details of the news are... unimportant. Suffice to say, between everything that was going on and the strain of the holidays, I was not in a mindset that was productive for good poker. And it showed in my game. I've been going off, chasing cards, and my play reverted to a point that 'donkey' would have been a compliment.
So I've taken a couple days off to clear my head and get real life things taken care of. Will this translate into more consistant play on the tables? I hope so. I enjoy playing poker, but I enjoy it even more when I'm actually playing well.