First a short intro. I've been playing poker online for 10 years now but never very seriously and seldom with consistent success. During that time I've read several poker books (both super systems and others) read a few poker blogs often, subscribed to card player for a while and have been playing a regular home low limit cash game. I'm a consistent winner at my home game and the few times I've made it to the semi-local casino I've made money as well (broke even once and made 2k another time). Last night I noticed the poker school menu on the pokerstars program and decided to see whats up. I immediately passed the core and sng quizes without even reading the courses (I've since read through them both) and am excited to try my hand at making my way up the rankings with some new found knowledge. 

Folded the first four-five hands of the tourney before getting dealt  77 in the BB and the cutoff min raises. I reraise to 4x that amount and he callse. Flop comes 7.3.4 with two hearts and I decide not to slow play hoping he has a pair of 8's or better and bet just under the amount of the pot. Sadly no call but I'm happy to be up a few hundred chips early.

After folding a bunch of super trash I get K8s in the BB and check to see a flop with three other players. Flop comes K.10.9 two diamonds. I bet the pot and two players quick call. Turn comes a blank and I bet out and this time only one player calls. The river is another 9 pairing the board. The pot is at 900 and the other player only has 600 remaining so I know any thing I bet puts him all in so I push and he folds. 

Moved to a new table and lost my first real hand (overplayed bottom pair) but kept the losses to a min still up a good bit. Draw AA the next hand in the SB but I'm nervous because there's a raise, a reraise and an all in in front of me. I push all in (cover the previous all in by about 200 chips) and both the other two call as well. I'm up against AQoff, JJ and 109off. Board comes Q.7.K Rainbow, so far so good. another 7 on the turn....... and a 5 on the river giving me the nearly 7k pot!

Couple of hands later I have AQ in the cutoff and raise an unraised pot to 400 (blinds @ 100) which puts the button all in and he calls as does the BB. Flop comes blanks and while checking out an opponent would be niced I also don't want to show weakness and the BB only has about 500 chips left so I bet him all in making the pot about 1800 but he declines to call. Button player shows JT off and nobody makes anything giving me the pot and another knock out.

Back to the cutoff with 66 and no raise in front with 150 blinds I make it 600 to go. Two players call and the flop comes A.4.2 First player checks the flop while the second bets 150... I figure this is a bad attempt at a steal so I raise to a little over half the pot at 1050. Both players fold.

My rewards is being moved to a new table with my 9330 chips and I decide to check in to see that about half the field is left.

My second hand at the new table has me UTG with KK so I raise to 600 and a player pushes all in for 1200ish. I call and see his 99. Flop spikes a 9 and even though I got a flush draw the river is a blank. Oh well can't win em all and my 7500 in chips still leads the table so no worries.

At the break 521 remain the field that started at 1082. I'm still sitting on 7480 chips the average is at 3127 and the second largest stack at my table is 3775. 

First hand after the break I knock out a player because I just had to call for 100 more and then I get deal AK on the button. One limp in front and I raise to 800 (100/200 blinds). Nobody calls, stack grows to 8330. 

Made a semi tight fold with KQoff in the cutoff with no raises in front, just didn't want someone to be tired of my aggressive play and push on me preflop. Turned out to be a great move since one player had limped with AQ and another short stack had A6 and flopped top two. K on the turn though ruined his dreams of a double up.

AQs third to act with 125/250 blinds I make it 1k to go, no callers. Get moved to a new table and now I'm third in chips (at the table) behind a 15k stack and another player who has just 400 more chips than I do.

Lost a little bit of chips due to a bad read with 55. When the flop came 479 I felt good but the turn of a Q and three players left in the hand caused me to give it up when the player making the big calls just held A4off costing me money with his bad call pre flop and on the flop (third player was all in before I raised the blinds up preflop).

Got 10.7.s in the BB and saw the flop for free. Flopped a straight with J.9.8 two hearts so I bet out the size of the pot and get called. Turn brings 6 spades and I bet my last 3.8k. Get called and lose to the flush on the river  Finished in 304th place out of 1082 so not a bad go in my first tourney.