Alas the lure of poker brought me away from my poker studies tonight, and there are a couple of things i've learned....patience and discipline are absolutly key for poker, something i was probably lacking in in my poker play before.

I played in the "play along poker freeroll", I recieed this ticket for playing along with the poker on the play along poker app while watching the Pokerstars EPT on tv. I finished 56 of 63, i had 83off in the BB and checked, I hit a full house on the flop (883) and raised, 2 on the flop and i raised again, i was re-raised all in and called, I busted as my opponent had A8 and hit an A on the river...bummer.

After I played a satelitte game, 5FFPs in with rebuys, this was much more intresting. I played rigorously to my starting had chart and adopted a strict tight-aggresive style and learned some things, i couldn't believe how many hands I was playing before and in really bad positions, also I was amazed at how few hands I was playing. The lessons on Pokerstars online school says that on average playing tight-aggresive you should be playing 15%-20% of hands, i ended up playing 10%(10of97 hands), i was probably to tight. But strangly i ended up finished in 70 of 468, although i was always at less than the average stack. This opened my eyes and ive realised that if I continue my training and learn more I'll be able to progress.

I would just like to say so far I'm enjoying writing this, my spelling and structure may be poor but it is quite fun. Also if anyone has any comments on what I've wrote please comment, it would make my day.

Thanks all!

Trust everyone, but always cut the cards. — Benny Binion