So whatever I did I must of really angered the poker gods. My last 4 games ended in diaster. I'm playing along with my usual tight style and then wham, the poker gods strike me dead. In the first instance, I'm down to 1280 in chips, the blinds are 40/80 and I get dealt KK. I'm in middle position and everyone folds before me, I raise to $320. Big blind calls all in, I call. He shows 4 7. Flop A 2 9, so far so good, turn 7, river 4. OK bad luck on my part, I'm down now to 180 in chips and lose that over the next 3 hands.

Next game, I'm up to 2340 in chips and get dealt AKs. I'm big blind. One guy on table who is playing very loose and betting big everytime bets 2000. I raise him all in, he calls. He shows 55. Flop, J Q 7, turn 4, river 8, see ya next time.

Third game, I'm down on my luck with only 580 left in chips, blinds are 50/100, I get dealt QQ, I raise all in, button calls me and shows 9 J suited. Flop, 999, turn 4, river doesn't matter. I'm getting dejected now.

Fouth game, I'm down to 1175, I'm dealt AKo, person before me raises to 200, I call. Flop 7AK, I raise to 580, other guy raises all in I call. He shows AJ, turn J, river J....Really,

Who or what must I sacrifice to appease the poker gods and make things right again? This has been the worst streak of bad luck I have ever encountered. Lets hope game 5 is better.