I started my 5th pso game this month and wow what a cliff hanger it was.
I was busted up on a high pair (Pocket Q's) by pocket Q's (yes 2 lots of pocket Q's in the same hand lol) & pocket aces and left for dead on 875 chips.
I waited my turn and landed pocket 9's after no one wanted to play my pocket 7's.
Lucky for me 2 people called me, one with pocket 8's and one with ace high (pfft) that put me right back in the game with 2790 chips.
Then, omg, i call an all in against 3 x 6's and i had Q A. I hit an ace but won it with flush with the queen. What a dodge. that took me to 6450 chips.
Also had pockt Aces busted up by Pocket jacks hitting Quad Jacks on the flop..was left on 4000 chips for that effort..huh? lol
The rest of the tourney went to and fro like this finally finishing in 278th out of 1253 players

Funny enough, i didnt get fish hooks once in game 5...hmmm...