Hey everyone!

I'm DiciWales and I am starting this blog to track my progress through my poker learning and results.

Background info:
I am 22 years old and started playing poker about 3 years ago, but until recently (the past 2 months to be exact) I have not took it seriously and only played once in a blue moon. I started with a measly bank roll of $16.50, but I've kept it going.

I play mainly S n G's and MTT's I'm trying to get into cash games, but I have been making some silly calls and decisions, But you learn from your mistakes. 

This month I have played: 5,000 cash game hands with a loss of: $5.37 

This month I have played: 258 SnG's and tournaments with a profit of: $16.12

As you can see I am better at SnG's than cash games, but I do want to improve on my cash game.

Until next time, DiciWales