I haven't posted on here for ages (you have work to blame for that) so I thought I'd be good and post another blog about my progress.

Since my last blog I went on a very poor run where nothing was clicking at all. Sure, I had a few bad beats along the way but ultimately the game was becoming very difficult to play. The days of getting my opponents to make the call I wanted them to seem a thing of the past.

Rather than feel sorry for myself, I decided to do some more studying away from the table. This helped enormously and I saw an instant improvement in my games.

Storying Telling

One thing I've taken more effort to think about with my game is the story I tell my opponents. Regardless of what hand I'm holding I will try to play in a similar strong way so even the best players wouldn't know where I'm at. I'm finding this story telling is so much easier in position.

Position, Position, Position

I found in my early days of playing loose poker I was told about position and shrugged it off as I continued to play 87s in EP (What? It looked pretty...) Later I take it more into consideration but it was more of doing it because that's what I'd been told to do. I understood about less people entering the pot but that was about the only reason I thought there was.

Then when I looked at it from a story telling process it made so much sense to me. Being in position is I lovely place where I can assess all the information given to me and act accordingly. It's a major contrast of thinking whether this 87s is good on this 7 5 2 rainbow!

To any experienced player, telling you to play in position is like telling anyone it's a good idea to breathe once in a while but if you're new to game think about position. Poker is a lot more fun in position than out of position!

Bad Beats

One thing I have become good at it is taking bad beats. They're a part of the game, it's what we all enjoy about poker! Whilst there is an element of luck in poker, it's very much a case of 'what goes around, comes around' and in the long-term all the luck should even out.

A mental exercise I try and do is every time I suffer a bad beat I try and think about the time I returned the favour to some other poor soul. It's now at the point when I just smile when my AT loses to A5 as I think of the time my A7 beat AQ.

However, if the Gods of poker could balance out the two occasions where all-in pre-flop my AKo has lost to AKo because in both cases the flush came up, it would much appreciated!

Ups and Downs

With all this my game made improvements and I went up to $3.50 which was going really well until it started to go the opposite way and I had to drop back to $1.50 STT. Even that has been a struggle as you’ll see later in the video.

Still remaining positive and this is why I post these blogs. Not just for advice from the poker community but so I can reflect on my game for me personally.

Hand Analysis

I'm going to post a few hands now for review. I'm also playing around with screencasting software so I wanted to do this as a video. (I find it easier to talk than to type as well) it's bit long so even if you just want to comment on the first couple of hands, that's cool with me.

[youtube id="k-0qfiAVSE1im7f-tUDweg"]

If the video doesn't load, the link is here!


Good luck at the tables!
Diamond Dingy