Origins of DiamondDingy

I discovered something that disappointed me the other day. DiamondDingy is not the name I thought it was. I hate misspelling words, so when I discovered that I had been spelling 'dinghy' wrong for many years I was not too happy! I thought I was spelling it correctly to mean a small boat but I've missed the h to mean 'gloomy and drab'. We think of diamonds to be bright and sparkly so in a way, it’s kind of cool how the dingy counters that. Why did I want my name to include the word dinghy? Well that requires going on a long journey to explaining my friendship group's inside jokes. Since this is a poker group, I will not confuse you with this and leave it there!

Anyway, shall we talk about poker?


Remember, this is a noob’s tale. C-betting does not come easily to a noob so if anyone could give me feedback on some of these plays it would be much appreciated!

A common is spot I get stuck in is this. I raise 3BB and get called by a villain I have position on. The flop comes out, which I miss. The villain checks so I bet roughly half the pot and they call. The turn is where I struggle. The villain checks on the turn, what is my play here? Checking shows weakness and my opponent will use bet on the river. Betting half the pot risks a lot of my stack when I still have not connected with the flop (or I have a decent hand but feel I may be behind). Any thoughts? Every hand is different so I’m going to include some at the end to show some different examples.

Hand Review

I’ve included 4 hands to have a look at here all from $1.50 9 player STTs:
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Hand 1: I think the first question is should I be playing AJs here? There are two limpers and I raise to 4BB (Should this be 5BB with two limpers?). The second question is the bet on the turn, should I not bet and just check the turn? I think this is only the second hand on the tourney so I don’t have any information on this player (i.e I don’t know the fact he is willing to play K7o when raised…)

Hand 2: I win this hand but I want to check it’s the right play. Hopefully everyone will agree pre-flop is standard. I get checked so bet roughly half when I flop top pair with a good kicker (trying to stay consistent with my c-bets). When I get raised, is 3betting the right option and calling an all-in to the 4bet? I think I get re-raised on the flop when they’re holding KK or AA so don’t put them on an overpair. On the other hand I think that I could be too attached to my top pair when a set or two pair could be out there or even a flush draw.

Hand 3: This is against the loose villain from hand 1. Regardless of the player, do is 3 betting correct or should this be a call OOP (I think a fold is too weak given the loose table). The c-bet costs me a lot of my stack here because of my 3-bet. This may be a bluff by the villain but I honestly believe they could have Qx here. On the other hand they may be on a flush draw. If I want to continue playing it’s surely an all-in situation which I’m not willing to do when I don’t hold top pair.

Hand 4: Pre-flop I call. With two limpers in the pot I’d have to come in for a big raise which I’m not confident with AJs which makes me think should I fold? Looking back I disagree with my c-bet on the flop. I didn’t initially raise and with two clubs out there, I should just check. The Ace makes things tricky on the turn. The villain checks and re-raises me so I fold with 3 clubs and the possibility the villain holds AK or AQ (I think AA would see a raise on the flop plus the probability they have AA is low with me holding one of the aces)

As you can see some plays I could definetly make improvements with so any feedback would be great!

All the best at the tables!