In this blog I’m going to talk about my current mentality with poker and then review some of my hands. If you’re a big fan of comedy, you may want to stick around to see some of these hands 



It was all going so well when I started this. With supporting my football team I can go from thinking we’ll win the champions league to thinking we’ll be out of the football league all in the space of a week. Winning the first $1.50 STT meant that I was already drafting my letter of resignation from work and planning my holidays on the other side of the world. Unfortunately this run of ‘form’ didn’t continue and I’m finding myself on a massive losing streak that’ll see the for sale sign going outside of my house soon (this is a joke before anyone worries, I’m sensible with my bankroll  

The problem with a losing streak is that it leads you into making some bizarre decisions. I folded a hand to a player who then showed a 26o on a flop they didn’t connect with. In my current state, that certainly got into my head!
I played two sessions, one was from last week and the other was from yesterday morning. I’ll start with the session from last week.

Hand 1 – I assume everything pre-flop is standard. No re-raises so I’d assume there are no monsters lurking about. Flop comes out, is the c-bet a good idea in mid position with a multi-way pot? Both players call, at the time I wasn’t putting them on having a king because there was no re-raise. Looking back at this I wasn’t thinking about possible slow plays or they were worried that they had the king with a low kicker. I should probably check here on the turn after no-one folds to the bet on the flop. Jack comes out on the river and I probably get too excited here as I haven’t put anyone on kings.

Hand 2 – I’m figuring here I need to bet bigger on the flop. I was worried about scaring the villain off but maybe that is the action I need to take to defend myself from flush draws. The flush is on my mind on the river but I’m thinking I’m pot committed and getting a good price to play. Was this the right play or should I be put off by the fact the villain bets on the river when they’d been checking previously?

Here’s a lot to digest from yesterday morning’s session. There were some awful hands here I didn’t include due to the analysis of some of these would be very simple, don’t play poor hands out of position!

Hand 1 – I’m trying to incorporate c-betting into my game but this is where I really struggle. I’m happy with everything pre-flop unless anyone thinks otherwise. I miss the flop, is the c-bet of half the pot sensible here or not. The first villain checks but there is still the villain no the button in play at this point. The villain bets on the river when the ace comes up, I’m struggling to put him on a range. He could be betting with AJ or A9 or a lower kicker or he could have the AK or Two pair. Thoughts?

Hand 2 – Is this standard? Should I be worried about the villain’s small bets if he wants to go for a re-raise? My reading was the bet on the turn was a very weak attempt at trying to steal the pot.

Hand 3 – The villain here was loose, this was the player who made me fold a better hand when they were holding 26o earlier. It did play on my mind that he may have shown that so they can get me with a monster later on. Some things I want to check, is the 2.5BB raise in this position at this stage okay? I bet half the pot on the turn, there is potential for a straight here so I want to not give the villain good odds. I take similar action on the turn. Is the bet on the turn too big as there are a lot of other hands that I could be beaten with here? Especially given the villian’s range they may have something like K9, K8, 98 to give him two pair or 76 giving them a straight. Alternatively they could be chasing a draw that they’re getting poor odds for. Lot to think about here!

Hand 4 – Hmmm not to please with this one! I’ve got 12 BB on the bubble, with a limper I raise 2.5 BB (maybe 2BB at this stage is better) with T9s. Given the board I really think my c-bet was wrong here, checking here would have been a better option I believe.

Hand 5 – Urrrgh, horrible poker here. There were some loose hands going on here but this villain wasn’t playing too loose from what I remember. A mistake I really need to sort out is to stop using a one size fits all approach to playing. I really have no idea why I call the re-raise, they surely have a monster. Hopefully this provided some comic relief!
On a bit of a losing streak, so let’s look forward!
Here’s some things I’m going to do or consider:

- Playing the play money tables to boost my confidence a bit and not lose money. There is a concern though that this isn’t taken as seriously as money games.

- Using maths more! I actually have a maths degree, so why not use it! I’m being a typical mathematician in that I know how to use it, just not applying it in real-life situations 

- Just play one at a time. My mate was suggesting that I could play two at a time but I feel poker hands can be like buses and that two good hands seem to come at once!

If you made to the end of my ramblings you are a trooper. All the best out there on the tables!