Hello there! Let me just start by outlining why I started this blog. 

I learnt the basics of poker years ago back in my glory days of playing for £1 with friends where simply knowing the rules gave you a massive advantage! Unfortunatly most players on pokerstars know that 5 cards of the same colour don't give you a flush so games on here tend to be slightly harder 

I rarely played when I was younger but recently I have started to take poker seriously. I wanted to start a blog to monitor the progress I make over time to see how I've improved and gets some tips from the poker community. I'll also be posting my bankroll to see whether it has gone up or down in time.

I'm being realistic with my goals in that I'm not looking to make a living off of poker. I would just like to become a better player to the point where maybe poker gives me a nice little bonus each year to go towards to something like a holiday.

I've been playing a lot of $1.50 STT which I was doing okay in and this is where I'm going to continue playing a lot of the time. I've also been learning the basics of cash games although I've been having very poor sucess in this field so far.

In the past I've played some stupid games I shouldn't have been playing. Mistakes such as playing hyper STTs, heads up and games out of my bankroll but hey this is why this is a noob's tale!

The short term goals are to keep playing the STTs, get better at the games and then progress onto MTT with a view to play live MTTs. Tournment poker for me is what I find most enjoyable, I like the crystal clear nature that there is an overall winner at the end which is different to cash games.

So I'm going to be doing some studying and keeping track of my progress on the tables and try to update this blog when I can. I have a pretty busy job, other commitments and the biggest restraint on poker of all, a girlfriend! (Just kidding )

Good luck to everyone out there on the table.


Opening bankroll: $12.61