I just want to say that im glad to be back.since my last blog iv'e quit drinking. Smart move I get my poker back and she gets the husband she wants.all that aside I played three tournaments last saturday, and I swear I couldnt pull a hand for nothing. I'm determined to win and learn as much as I can about this great sport just like most of you. So be on the look out . I was just wondering what possibly can you do when you just cannot seem to get a hand . I played with weak hands in late position when the bets were low but still couldnt get a flop. I tried a bluff to no avail. Then when my chips were low I would get a marginal hand and go in and the flop of course would be terrible.I guess I know what variance is but it sucks when your one point to getting to 1550 and you go down to 1531. Just hope I get some cards next time so I can give it a go.good luck.