Yes my wife pulled the plug on my computer and I'm going crazy.. don't get me wrong she's a beautiful Asian woman and I'm a white older gentleman but I had a night when I had a little to much to drink, now this doesn't happen very often and I'm serious but I tripped on this chair and knocked another chair over and spilled my beer. Well it was late at nite and she woke up and turned on the lite and there I was looking stupid. The thing was I was playing poker and drinking and we got into a dissagrement. The next day the cord was gone. Ok I'm a grown up I can handle this. I lo0ve my wife before anybody or anything. But baby my poker. Ok lessened learned but give me a break. The sad fact I might not be back to skill league soon. It hurts cause I love this game and trying to beat all you . I had to blog this on my phone guess why.