my first skill league tournament was quite brief. It happened that I was dealt aces in early position first hand. I called then somebody raised, I reraised to 240. one person folded one called. the flop was king and two rags. I raised another 240 after a bit he called. I put him on two high like ace king or ace queen maybe mid to lower pair. next card was queen on the turn, after a bit he checked, this did bother me thinking he might be slow playing something. i just didnt put him on a higher pair. I went all in hoping he was still drawing. the river was no help to either of course he went all in with his pair of queens. i felt quite foolish but i made the mistake of not raising all in after the flop. Plus i should of listened to my intuition after he checked the turn. i must hand it to him he got all my chips. But i played it horribly. lesson learned.