I have being playing poker on-line for more than 4 years, since 2011, regurlarly at Poker Stars, but last friday I received my worst  defeat. I was knock-out´ed from a tournament by 7-2, which is said to be the worst hand, you can be dealt in Poker.


We was 3 left in a tournament and I was running short on chips. I was dealt A-8, Big Blind checked and the 3rd person folded. The flop was 8-7-2, I went All-in and Big Blind called me, and no cards of influence showed up. I had the highest pair, 2 8ths A kicker, my opponent was dealt 7-2 and the board showed 7-2. two pairs, a better hand, I lost and I was knocked out of the tournament. I was so much ashamed of myself by loosing to 7-2, that I did not play any more poker that day.

In my entire life as a poker player I have never lost to 7-2. The worst defeat I ever have experienced. I have lost and been knocked-out tournaments many times with pocket AA, but never before lost to 7-2. I am still a little bit ashamed of myself.

A little poker story from the real life.