I'm not one to keep up a blog, or for that matter really any long-term commitment type of thing.

And I'm also not a big Pokerstars fan.

In fact, I openly admit that I pretty much hate the interface, especially its slowness, and the convenience and intuitive-ness of the FTP client has spoiled me for any other. I only logged in to the PS client this morning in order to create a PokerSchoolOnline.com account. (btw, wtf -- a NUMBER *must* be the first character of your password? Arbitrarily stupid much?)

But what the heck, just noticed 5 minutes ago that an easy blog feature is part of the Profile, so why not take advantage? Thus, this blog. Which hopefully will have more than just this single entry.

So, ummm... to start, about myself... Razz HU grinder, that's me. A log of my [hopefully speedy] journey to the Noesbleed Stakes of this beautiful evil game, that's this blog.

I hope it is, anyway.

And just for fun, I am making it public right from day one. Not even sure if I'll do more than just share some interesting hands. Maybe this will attract other Razz love-hate folks who are looking for a home in which to share their own pain and joy. I expect JoelPokerGod will soon enough find this blog and offer a "No money in Razz, regs are all solid" comment or similar. Bring it, b-word.

But mostly it's for me. So in advance of your flaming and hating, I must say... gfys.