Hi all,

This is my first blog as far as i know about the poker stars. I learnt playing poker from this very poker star site. From beginning always had a nice and lovly experience playin in pokerstars.

Anyway being a micro player myself i found pokerstars to be a best site offering huge dif games for micro players. There are so many choices that one can choose and play according to his bankroll, which other sites dont provide. 

Next good thing i love about the pokerstar is their table software , wonderful and cool. I have tried many other sites, but to be honest i dont like any of them except poker stars.

Till now i usually play sattelites . My goal one day to win the main event by playing sattie and qualifying for it. That one i take as a challange. As i am very carefull about the bankroll management, so it might help me one day to achive that goal.

Pokerstar has helpmed me in so many ways to improve my game. With so many pso videos anyone can improve themselves by just watching and applying them on the game. To be honest i didnt get enough time to watch them all, but hopefully will do so in the future..

One more best thing in pokerstar i did is to join bankroll coop group. A great group in which all tries to help each other in games . Our aim is to hit sunday million with just 1$ initial investment. we have gone close to qualify 4 times but unfortuantely cld nt. But i am sure we will hit it soon.

I have seen many people have won big money from small by qualifying from the sattelites, which i wanted to do the same way. Pokerstars is a great site having so many sattelites for all kind of buyins to make dreams of people like us comes true.

I myself like to watch and learn frm observing the sunday million and so many different buyins level tournies . It is great to see so many poker pros play on pokerstars , which makes us learn from them a lott by watching them . 

I like most about the pokerstars is their school and its contents. Pokerschool online has got so much information and material for all kind of players . Like videos of poker pros and then live training for all of us to make understand how to improve our game ,  It also gives us insight of how the poker pros play their games in whatever the buyin level is. So in this way the pokerstar give us the oppertunity to learn and become a better player while playing also.  I love their pokerstars. tv site as well .

So this is it for my writting, hope at pokerstar i will have my dream fulfilled one day soon.

Thanks pokerstar and all of you players for this wonderful game we have, as overall i had a great time playing at ps ...