Hi have been a bisy at some point so didn't have enought time to update you guys. But today I have some time to give you an insite on my results.

So going in to the weekend I have stated that I will not play maybe will invest some of my tickets to tournament play. But at Sunday I sat and played for about 15 minutes at cash tables and managed to get almost 2 stacks. Didn't push my luck further and quit playing. So the results for weekends is something like this:

So after weekend we go to day 4. Which was not so bad. I have played 50 minutes and managed to play 450'ish hands which was a result of almost 2 stacks. unfortunately no hands for review today. I have forgoten to boom my hands after the session and not sure how to export them from my HM to BOOM. (if anyone hase an idea how to post HM2 hands to BOOM, please let my know). Anyhow the graf:


Day 5: Having in mind that my weekend attempt was a nice bust to my BR I have decided to play another short session like this at tuesday. Which was a very bad idea. First of all I have been not fully concentrated on the game. Second and most important - don't try to put in a session if you don't plan to play it at least an hour. This will lead you to unpleasant results, tilt, and ect. So in 5 minutes I lost one stack and in half an hour later tried to grind it back. The result was horrible. Once again have not been focused enought to play my A game and with all of the distractions... it was a very bad idea. results of the attempt -5 stacks and tilt issues. The Graph:

So to add it all up. I have los 5 stacks in less than an hour of my attempt to squeeze a session in the day time. Never will do the same. BAD decission. Fortunatelly later in the evening I have pulled myself together and played a normal session with the focus and all the best. Played for about 40 minutes and called it a day. Been running very good, this time and managed to add almost 4 stacks. That leaves my in -1 stack totall for the day. Day 5 graph is not looking so good, but considering how it all began it could be worse:


In the end I have learned a couple of lessons from this downswing. Hopefully I won't be making the same basic mistakes in relation to game and preparation to the session. But the good thing is that I was able to handle my tilt at some point and managed to play focused later. The total graph is looking decent:

P.S.: even with tilt and all the bad stuff I still love this game and looking forward to improve.