Hi every one so the journey continues...

Day two was a bit rough, but in the end I made it finally to the green numbers. Here is the graph:

I played as usual 2 tables for 1:30 hours. Today was a little bit longer than yesterday because when one hour passed I had around -0.5 stack didn't want to call it a day and continued for another 30 minutes that have made it done. I made almost 2 full stacks. A great result considering that the play to be honest wasn't so good at the beginning. I made some really unnecessary plays and tryed to bluff some of my opponents. This is a leak that I need to plug. Many of the plays stated that don't try to bluff people that don't understand the hand that you are representing. And to be completely honest spots for my bluffs were not that great

Long story short here are some hands.

Hand of the day (the biggest pot i won on day 2):

This is an unknown (very generous) player and all of the decisions were made based on his betting. For starters his min 3bet looks so weak...but I don't whant to move him out from the hand that early so I just call. I flop TP great kicker. and the guy overbets the pot, it looks to me as a bet from a person that doesn't know what to do frankly. the guy in front of me folds and I call. And he shoevs the turn which doesn't make any sense to me. I called with a great confidence that I'm ahead:

Hero call of the day:

I do get unsure if I need to risk so much... these spots do come up time to time and I have made a couple of stacks winning with these plays. But don't know if this is worth it in the long run. We did run it twice, by the way I really enjoy this option, makes the game more fun, but unfortunately I lost both of them:

Mistake of the day:

I do like the check\raise, but when I get 4bet on the flop this is an clear fold. But not when I'm auto piloting. This is another leak that needs my attention. Some times during the session when you don't get a lot of great hands you start to click the buttons to fast and your brain is getting to relaxed. At this time I start to do strange things like this one:

Bad beat of the day:

Nothing to say here. This is a part of the game, suck it up and move to the the next hand:


In general I like the results but the plays can be much better. Here is the summary graph for today: