Hi Guys!


I have been thinking about creating one of these for a long time. Finally I've decided to start one. This will be a month challenge. Objectives are quite simple, improve my play, get better in those spots that I have troubles and make 50 stacks at 2NL (6-max) zoom tables.

I will be playing at least one hour every work day from today. Generally I play 2 tables, but in some rare occasions a can do 3. Right now I'm not sure how many updates I will blog but will try my best to keep you posted as often as I can.


So today's session was about an hour long I have played 500'ish hands and have made 2.5 stack. Which is a great start. here is the graph:

Now some hands for the discussion:

Hand #1:

This was my first hand of the session both players are unknown, and after the 3bet from BB I was a little worried that it's AA so I didn't played my KK as aggressive. But in the end I think I have lost some value here:  


This one was actualy very bad play from my side. I have decided to 3bet both of them for 3 reasons. First I have a good hand, second I want the iniеiative post flop in case they bough miss, and third to get folds. But they bouth call and we are 3 ways to the flop. I flop big and decide to bet for value most likely I will get called by flush strait draws and set of 55. turn the same thing. But at the river I know that the most likey hand got there but I still call I just can't let go that pot I have invested to much in it. I only beet AK AQ and some bluffs... so the question will it be a profitable call in the long run ?


This was an interesting indeed. The guy has 50% of 3bet from the SB(on 59 hands sample not much but enough for a 4bet) I have a decent hand and decide to 4bet him, hoping that he will fold. But he calls, and shoevs the flop. So at this point I'm sure of several things. He doesn't have AA;KK;QQ; first two would go all-in pre flop, last would play the flop differently. So considering that he 3bets a lot of stuf, I put him on a flush draw or bluffs, at that point I was thinking that I'm ahead of his rainge so I made a tough call. And it was a flip.


Simply a cooler nothing to say. Turn has killed the guy completely.

I'm a donk! ) He always has it in that spot, why did I call I don't know. Was simply clicking buttons. Very bad play from my side:

This one I'm looking for some comments I think fold is the correct play, but maybe there were some mistakes post flop or on the flop?