Back! this time with results.


Here is my last results from 18 to 23/8:


My cash results, low volume unfortunately:



Here is my tournament results which contains only spin n go's of 1$.
I just wanted to try this format for fun instead of sell my tournament money as I used to do. A little unlucky at big prize spins:


Also, I played many hands at a softer site that I play from time to time. My roll there is 217€ at the moment.


Current basic stake: nl16 6max reg tables
Current skill that I'm training: Work off the tables
Kamikaze Fun Challenge: 25,06$ rules
Read the book "Modern Small Stakes": 400/500 80%
Read the book "The Mental Game Of Poker": 148/198 75%
Bankroll: 1337.01$
Bankroll Management Playing Rules