Here is the fact. I find out some magic circles in poker.

If you wan't to be staked you got to prove your skill before, They way you should prove yourself include some stakes you complete and finish your BR in +.

So I Can't see solution obviously.

Second: You will get your BIG BANG ticket if you finish 400- places in a row 3 times.

I can't see player who can do that 100%. That is just condition based on if you are lucky or not at all.

We all know what is variance in poker. After live play variance MTT online variance is biggest.

So, take example. Type "pokerkid" in google, there you can get some information, at least about last 10 played events. I scope some big guys from time to time, I never seen that someon finished 3event in a row in ITM ortop 5% of field which was playing.


So this rule makes me wonder, why is that so. It's better to shuffle them random and let random people to play instood of this. Or perhaps, make a ticket to all final table finishers in last month.


Big Bang is good bankroll program, help people, but ticket got strange people with no skill!