Hello everybody!

This is my first blog & first post, I have some online experience but ultimately I thought (for my own reassurance) I would NOT deposit until I completed the courses and got the bankroll management bonus. I have completed all the courses in 2 days except the omaha one which I only play for fun. I like many other amatuer players, cannot control my bankroll. I play way above my means and yes, ultimately it ends in tragedy. So this time, I will be taking it slow and actually building a bankroll slowly but surely! The information I have learnt already from the PS is and will be invaluable to me to develop my game.

Now I'm sure you all know and see the differences between Live poker and Online poker. What is it about either that you like/dislike?

So for live poker it has to be the drunk guy/girl at the poker table, spoiling the flow of the game and just generally being an idiot. And online is to never pick up any "physical" tells from online players, I rely on tells in my live games but facing a computer screen I often find myself  talking myself in/out of situations I shouldn't have.

I just wanted to say also, if you wanted to chat poker I am always up for sharing thoughts and opinions on hands etc! Pokerstars has finally brought some "community" spirit to the game which is excellent for the less experienced players to get so much help!

P.S Any tips on some bankroll management tricks would be very helpful.


Thanks for reading and good luck everyone!