Hard work pays off!


I've been on PSO (poker school online) to learn the TAG style over the past month, and I definitely can see the positive result on my graph. (wish I have an URL to insert it in here) maybe I need to create a FB page.

Any how I've been grinding on PokerStar on the micro stakes and have doubled it 3 times; at the 1c/2c and 2c/5c level. The style I was playing = TAGs, So I think I will continue applying this style in Febuary as well to see how far it will go.

Besides grinding on cash tables; I also enrolled in some free tourneys and playing on the sunday storm with FPPs and cashed one time ($16) or near there; other than those; I grind some $1.50 SnG on the first 2 weeks. I like to mix it up and I enjoy them all, but mostly just cash game because I can look after my self better.

My goal and dream is to be able to play at $2/$4 cash by July/august months and be profitable and I will have my graph setup for that.

So far so good!