I am posing a question which no doubt will be met with blanket denial by those who have the ability to address such matters. The majority of the responses will tell me that I must have terrible "leaks" in my game. Others will tell me that I am imagining things - that such things may occur other places but could never occur here. A couple may insinuate that what I will state is strictly a cover for my inability to look at my own shortcomings. I have played on this software for about 4 years beginning at Bugsy's/Pokerpages and subsequently here and most recently, FSG. I have been aware for the majority of this time through my own experiences and observations that the software is designed to favor the larger stacks as a means of keeping the tournaments moving at a good pace. For those who play strictly at PSO this may not be as apparent as the level of play here is generally higher though this is in jeapardly due to the recent influx of people due to FSG and its demise. This bias toward the large stacks becomes more apparent as the level of play decreases as one is more often faced with challenging the larger stacks where they have already put you all in (if one chooses to call) or almost certainly will call you if you push in simply because they have more chips than you. Becomes a very frustrating situation when I have to not only play the opponent but the software as well. This severely limits my options. In many cases I wind up folding hands where the odds are heavily in my favor regardless of what the opponent might be holding because experience tells me that the hand has virtually no chance of holding up. I am not only speaking of situations where I have the smaller stack. I will use my experience to my advantage when I have the edge in chips as well. Point is, i'm totally tired of the disproportionate number of times I get knocked out by runner runner straight, runner runner flush, the miracle one outer or one of my favorites - the chopped pot where a straight or a flush is layed out on the board when the short stack has the big stack dominated. After a while, one can see things coming. People say "I saw that coming" at the tables all the time. How else do you explain someone going all in 6,7 8 times in a row with garbage getting called by people holding decent cards and winning every hand? I also realize that the way the software funtions at present presents an attraction to those who like lots of big hands and big pots. Now that there is no longer an affilliation with Bugsys and FSG is done is there any reason not to correct these flaws? After all, isn't the goal of PSO to help people to learn to become better poker players? How can you claim to do this when the playing field is not realistic? Also, at a site where you can request extra time to make your decision, having a feature to speed things up seems rather ridiculous. As things stand, I have no way of knowing where I might actually stand in comparison to others here as we are not dealing in reality. I'd like the opportunity to simply play poker without having to be concerned with what the software is liable to inject into the hand. I read with interest someone else's blog yesterday saying that he noticed some of the very things that I have mentioned at other sites. He said he was coming back here to get away from those things. He will find that they are here as well. I sincerely ask anyone who reads this to look at their experiences here and at the other sites that continue to use or have used this software to form an opinion whether I am delusional or not. If you agree that there is merit to what I have to say, say so to those who have the ability to correct things. I like it here and have met a lot of nice people. I don't bring this up to simply create a controversy or to deliberately upset people. I believe in what I have stated. I have stated these things to people at Bugsys in the past and they told me if I didn't like the way things were, I could leave as I hadn't spent any of my money there. I have spent my money here because I generally enjoy myself here. However, the last month or so has featured a LOT of the things which I object to and today in particular has compelled me to express my opinion. Thank you, Mark Allert