I've been a part of PSO for about 5 months now and was really starting to like this place.
I saw the post about the changes that were going to be made and I really hate change.
I thought okay I'll have to figure this out and it will be fine.I'm not getting any younger and my eyes are getting bad.Everything is way to small and I can't imagine being able to make this adjustment anytime soon.
I've been going on and on about vpp's and struggling to get 150 for premier league prize and as of today I have 152 vpp's and currently sit in 295th.
I was really looking forward to September and takiing a run at a decent prize to help me get a decent bankroll going , but now we're starting a new job that is about 40 minute commute to get home in the afternoon and and if I leave at 3:00pm that gives me about 1 hour 20 minutes(on a good day) to have a shower and eat in order to make 5pm tourney.Now with forum changes , my future here is looking grim.
I'm gonna still try and take a run at premier league next month , but not sure how long my eyes can handle this format.
Old format I could login and see plain as day who posted on what topics and if I saw new thread , BAM go there.Now it's a chore.
I may be able to adjust , but If it means wearing glasses to read , that's where I draw the line.I'm refusing to get old and maybe I should take up something else or go back to World of Warcraft and grow old peacefully killing gnomes.Go go goblin rogue !

I've got some serious thinking to do.
If Pokertsars makes RADICAL changes to their format to follow suit , they may help me in my decisions.

Don't get too big