I don't usually write in my blog til month's end , but I was late getting home today and missed my premier tourney.
I didn't want to post in forum lest my mouth get me in trouble for something stupid.
Death Angel wrote a song called "I'm Bored"and I have nothing poker related to talk about , but I do have this phenomenem and after doing some reasearch.....

Everyday I see shoes on the side of the road , but more often than not they are right in the MIDDLE of the road.
You see them on the highway and it makes you wonder what's with all the shoes ?
Is there a one legged man scattering his unused shoes all over ?
I was on the road last week I saw shoes everywhere.If you were to drive East coast to West coast you could tell where you were by the type of shoes.Cowboy boot in Alberta, a sandal in the praries, designer flip flop, west coast.Haven't seen any pumps out there , so it must be a guy or guys doing this.
What if there was TWO or more one legged men with opposite legs ? They could save money on shoes instead of tossin' em' out the window
Wait , nevermind WHY they're doing this I wanna know HOW  they're doing this.
I know what you're gonna say , "Dean they just fling that flip flop out the window"

No so fast there....

They're RARELY on the side of the road, but more often than not they are right in center like a lane divider and you'd have to put triple reverse english to make that sucker stick in the middle of the road.


All signs point to these shoes being placed there, not thrown.Maybe it's an advertising gimmick ? Some of these shoes look BRAND NEW , like they just fell of the truck headed to Foot Locker.
Why shoes ?Why is it ONLY shoes ? Why no shorts?, or jackets ? or hats ?
Why never any socks ?
Has the dryer claimed their socks ?
Are these people barefoot in their one shoe adventures ?
Do they have road shoe phenomenem in Holland ?
Those clodhoppers could be life threatening road hazards.Bearing down on this wooden shoe, runnning over it with your tire and flip it up in the air.
This may explain how shoes get on the power lines in holland....wait they have no laces , that's impossible !
So why are these NEW shoes on OUR power lines ?
Who goes and buys shoes and throws em' over power lines ?


On another note , why do they put the little braille bumps on kepypad in drive through ATM's ?
And when making a withdrawal it asks , "what language?"

This has been Dean's food for thought brought to you by the letter "S" and the number "9"

Don't get too big8)