Month Is almost over and my bankroll took a hit of about $8 but only because I sat at ring tables a little more than I should of.
I really would like to get 150 vpp's for premier league next month , but unfortunately I only have 72 and as i said my bankroll has already taken a hit.
As for my premier league this month , It started out ok early in the month with two final tables , but last half of month was all downhill.I was falling badly out of ranks until other night when I was set to make final table for a third time this month until this happened


Not sure if this hand will replay correctly or if that was the right move.
there were about 13 players left and short stacks kept doubling up and I was quickly becoming thee short stack so I had to make a move and everyone was playing pretty tight at this point.

Then I played one this morning and was all ready to make final table AGAIN and I made a bad shove A10 vs. AJ and I was out in 24th.

I thought about hitting up ring game for some happy hour action , but ring games are out of my comfort zone and it's kinda depressing to think about the big prizes I'm missing out on in premier league.
$20 would be nice , but as I sit I'm only getting $2.
So as George Clooney said in O Brother Where Art Thou

"we're in a tight spot now"

Not sure what to do about it as I have a hard enough time getting 20vpp's

Don't get too big 8)