Pokerstars:  The final frontier
These are the voyages of a fish called Dean.
My five year mission.
To seek out the nuts and a final table at the Sunday Storm.
To boldly build a bankroll like no man has built before...

This is my third month at PSO and I have learned alot. I did the quizzes , watched some videos and slowly inched my BR up to just over $70 and managed to stay around premier league  for at least another month.
Took alot of bad beats this month probably most notable was third or fourth premier league tourney.I had 10 10 on button and BB raised 3bb.I call flop comes 10 10 ace.I check , he shoves and I call naturally.He's got aces and a boat on the flop.I'm thinking this pot is soooo mine. The turn is 8 or something of no help and BAM riverstars deals out the final ace on 5th street.I'm out early and my confidence was shot.After that I was way too passive and lost my edge..I still have alot to learn and plan on taking in as much info that I can.
My main focus this month is to keep my emotions intact.Too many times I took bad beats and steamed a little.
Met some good people during this month and may have offended some.To those people I apologize and promise to be a better person in the future.
Not too keen on the 150 vpp's needed to get the big prize in premier even though I'm probably far from taking down a prize.For now I'm gonna work on my 20 vpp's and see how this next month goes.

Don't get too big8)