So I've played in 3 premier league games as of today and failing miserably again.
1st tourney~ I was getting no cards and was on button with 10 7 suited. Flat call BB and flop a straight J 8 9 and a flush draw.BB goes allin and I call .Small blind calls with 88 and BB has Q 10....ugghh.runner runner KK and SB gets boat.I'm out early.
2nd tourney~ I was in 2nd place and my cards went stone dead.Ended up 15th.
3rd tourney~ I just plain sucked and busted out early again.
I need to turn of my chat I think.People getting under my skin and I know it's affecting my decisions.
On the plus side I've earned my 20+ vpps for the month of June at ring games and a few bucks added to BR

Don't get too big8)