Not sure what I'm doing , but here it goes.
I joined PSO few months ago and tried the open league in May.I failed miserably early on , but managed to pullout an invite to premier league for June.Sadly I only have 20 vpps from last month.I'll probabaly get crushed there , but if PSO says i'm ready , then I guess i'm ready.
 I was excited about my $2.50 prize from May LOL  and went out and turned it into $12.50 and 18 vpps at ring table.I know this isn't much to most , but It started me out on right foot to bankroll.I had 98 cents in my account from few years back when I played micro stuff and since coming back I've managed to turn it into $38.00.I Also made small deposit to get the depostior donkeyroll action and cashed in those about 12-15 times....I lost count after 10 cashes.Yes they were small cashes , but cashes nonetheless.
That's all for now

Don't get too big8)