After winning, geting tilted, playing above my BR, and busting my BR over and over again I've decided to not let this happen ever again. I mainly play on FTP, but dabble in PS also. I usualy grind my way up to establish a nice BR but always end up getting mad over something small and loose all my money. This only happens online (thank god). I never play out of my limit in live sessions.

One way that ive keept myself from going on a spewing spree before is playing MT SnG's. 90man ko's and 45 mans are the best! :-o I've seen many videos on these topics and grasp the concepts very well. They are pretty soft tournaments at the lower lvls and allow you to build up your BR without much risk. If you want a low risk way to build you BR i suggest you give them a try. Play alot of them!

So now that i've decided to not to go back to $0.00 Im going to only play 90man KOs with money im staked on FTP, and play on PS with these specific rules.

1. At least 50% of time played should be 45 man SnG's
2. Any cash game played should never exceed 20% of total BR per session
3. MTT buy in should be less than 3% BR
4. Bad day... DONT SESSION!
5. Never go broke

Im not sure if any1 would actualy be interested in my online progress but I'm going to try and post at least once a week. I need to have at least 96% on OPR for PS by late January to start the year well. I started my BR with a $30 deposite and am up to over $130 i think. I really need to start putting more time in online. I think Ive only played like 8 hours the past week haha. I always get side tracked......

GL at the tables!