I love to play poker and have been playing for many years now,but I joined the pso to try and improve my game and I believe that it has enhanced my game considerably. I have been in the pso for about 6 mos. or so now and haven't been able to cash at the end of the month yet although Ihave cashed in several tourneys on here and have made a few final tables and had 1 second place cash. I know I'm not a perfect player and sometimes play hands that maybe i shouldn't . But I try to have some table ettiquette and treat each player with the same respect that I wish to be treated with. There are many players on here that do show respect But there are many who don't when they are beat in a hand they start with the name calling and stay on the chat box badgering you trying to throw you off your game. I think it's about time that this school starts teaching a few lessons on table ettiquette or else cutting off the chat line to eliminated players. Please give me your thoughts on this subject.   Respectfully, ddoc2rd