its not much of a big win or something to bragg about but the best time for me is when i started playing on pokerstars.  i enterd a multi table sitngo n had a  average stack throughout the game till someone was what i call a moron haha but i was sat with aq n the flop gave me a full up qs over as so i checked n the other player raised more than half his stack i call which i had no choice in doing thinking if he had pocket aces im bust with a bad beat but wat do u no another ace on the turn n now i know i cnt be beat wiv any hand anyway i checked again just to see how he would play this knowing if i pushed he would have fold but with the outcome im not so sure he would have now! he checks n 7h comes on the river so im thinking hes either trying to bluff me or hes got an ace or queen at least so the odds r i win or split with him so i go all in knowing either way im still in the game but what he was holding amaized me after he calls the cards are shown n hes holding pocket 4s now i hadnt been playing that long myself but why would any1 call holdin 4s when two higher pair is out on the table i only needed to be holding a 8 or higher to win the pot n iv never forgot that hand n dnt think i will aslong as im playing poker anyway that win put me in the top 5 n from that double up helped me to hold a position n proberbly win the sitngo i cashed 109$ not much but it was my first win on stars n it felt good at the time lol