Bankroll management is talked about a lot within poker. It’s like a solid defense in sport, a hard work ethic in college. And like all of these tasks the importance of them can’t be stressed enough by anyone who’s ever done it. But how often do you really see it happen? It’s the unglamorous side of poker. Sure we’d love to hear about players making five k’s a week but what we don’t hear enough about is players bankroll management. How much do they risk to win those five k’s a week? And it’s for this reason why the bankroll management tutorial is so good on Poker School Online.

It makes you realise, as a pro, just how much bankroll you need. 6 months living expenses saved, 200 MTT buy-ins, 100 SNG buys-ins or 50 buy-ins if you’re a cash player. Great insight, what’s more is it goes on to tell you how much bank roll YOU need. By running through, roughly, the different types of player and how much you should be risking every time you sit down on the virtual felt.

So the biggest thing I learnt from the video is that if I’m going to be a pro I’m going to need 6 months living expenses in the bank ($10,000), 200 MTT buyins, at an average buyin of $100 (the stake level of a pro player approx.) then we’re talking $30,000 in the bankroll before we consider it.  If that’s not motivation to get grinding I don’t know what is.

That’s why I’m off for a session now! Or to bink the Sunday Storm.