Had a very good month so far totting up over $1,300 in profit grinding micro MTTs, reg speed.

I first apologise for not keeping you up to date with my quest to become a micro stakes MTT beast. To be honest I was pretty annoyed with this blog software not allowing me to embed videos. I did some deep live sweats for you guys, sorry you didnt get to see them

But I think I've found a solution and I'll stick the recorder on tomorrow and film some deep action if you like?

So back to the action, This month so far, 20 odd days in I've won two $4.5, 180 man and took down the 5K GTD $3.30 mega MTT for a cool $1,145.

Some of the areas that have allowed me to start beasting these micro stakes are:

> Having a plan, pre and post flop before the player acts based on your reads & cards

> Improved 3 bet shove & calling range, normally between 10-20BB

> Turning on 'beast mode' when the time is right

"Beast mode?", I hear you ask... yes #beastmode - I learnt it from the best and he's an example of it:


That's beast mode!... Also known as a 5 bet bluff but beast mode is so much more than 5 bet bluffing.

Anyway please comment and let me know what stages of MTTs you want me to record and I'll do my best!

Good luck at the tables, unless you're flipping against me