i just started playing live game poker March of this year.  Over the course of the year after some ups and downs I lost a grand total of $620.  My bankroll for the year started at $500, it lasted until June or July and then I quit playing and just slipped into a game when I could scrape together the money to play.

Well, I went out tonight for one more game.  Took $100 with me, enough to buy into my local 2/5 or i could just take $40 to the 1/2.   The 1/2 was full, so I sat at the 2/4 limit with $20, hated it, lost it and left and waited the next 30 minutes for a real table.

$40 in, and out 2 hours later with $140.  After that the $35+$5+$3 Survivor tournament was starting, so I bought in, figuring I'd still be up $40 if I lost and I'd get to play for another couple hours.  Well, I was out in less than 20 minutse.  It was like a horrifying PSO game where you can't catch cards and the one time you do that guy over there flops the nuts.

Ok, so I take my measly $40 profit for the day and go back to the 1/2 which now has several open seats.  I play for another two hours and leave with $101, not a bad profit for the day, had some fun, and enjoyed myself.

Only two hands worth mentioning, one I won, one I didn't.

First, in the BB with J10os, buncha limpers and the flop comes  KJ10 two spades.  SB starts pushing out heavy, i make a call, and the turn is 9spades.  I think about it for a minute, only other person in the hand and I toss the J10 out face up.  My opponent shows K10.  I think that 9 saved me.

Last hand of note, the one that made me the biggest profit, sadly, was right out of a PSO monkeyshove/donkcall hand.  I'm in a hand I limped with after 4 other limpers with QJ suited.  Flop is K10 clubs (my suit) and a 4.  Well, now I've got an open-ended straight flush draw and someone at the far end of the table is leading out with a $20 bet.  I'm down to $38 (off my late night rebuy from the earlier profit).  One other calls and I shove.  Original bettor folds and the other guy calls.  Sadly, I don't remember the turn or river.  What I do remember is the dealer asking to see a winning hand and neither of us moving.  I say 'Well, I got Queen hi' and toss my cards face up, disgusting with the end and my opponent throws his cards in the muck..............................I cursed and almost tipped over my chair.  I won over $100 with KQJ10 high.....................  I'm not sure who at the table was more stunned, me, the caller, or the other 7 players.

Hey, a win is a win, but I would love to know what the heck he was calling with.