Anyone else getting really p!ssed off with donk players calling your QQ or AA all-in with bullsh!t hands and then hitting the board?
I can recall 7 out of my last 10 games where this has happened..
It feels like some sort of consipiracy where i almost always have the best hand pre-flop all-in, but the donk hand seems to win 90% of the time.. You see their hand when they call and think 'what an idiot' but for some reason get the better of you..  Admittedly its usually a player with nothing to lose being in the lower half of the league, but as with all of them, feel the need to keep playing over and over again just to penalise those who are doing well in the league and getting big minus points because of these situations..
Pokerstars should be able to address this issue somehow surely.
I'd love to hear any thoughts and ideas from other players and also feel free to share your misfortunes and have a good rant about how bad most players are in this league and what sort of donk play you have come up against..