It's now been a week since i started this blog, it's been very up and down.

Had a really good start, firstly making a final table in a 90 man sng then winning a 36 man hyper KO, I was on my way up. But then ignoring all BR rules i had set for myself i started playing 10NL Zoom, that didn't end well and closed the session out back where i started.

On advice from members of PSO i took a look into the leagues , the open league start times really dont suit me and playing 9000 runner tourneys is a big ask. So i opted to try the skill league qualifers and the second attempt managed a third place for some cash and putting me 107 place, so i think i will carry on with them to try and get in the premier league.

No results in the any tourneys this week ( 0.55c hots and bigs) but i can't say that iv'e put any volume in these mainly playing sng, i did have some results to drag back my zoom loss ending the week on a BR of $35.80 up from $12

So going into the second week, it really is a case of bankroll managment that i need to stick to and also this weekend i will be playing live at DTD for a pub league final, so hoping for nice result there with about 1k up top it would be nice.

GL all.