Hi everyone! Just wanted to get something off my chest.

I've noticed more and more that blog postings have been about bad beats in key hands in tournaments or cash games. Entries that cry foul about players that just shove with any two cards and somehow luck out. Posts that call out "idiot players" for not knowing what they're doing and costing good players hard earned money.

Well, as many of you know by now, bad beats are a part of poker and if you want to take the game seriously, you're going to have to learn with live with them. I know it's frustrating and trust me, I've gone through some bad beats myself that have cost me lots of money in live and online cash games and tournaments over the years. However, the simple fact is that no one wants to hear or read about bad beats.

I get it. There's a certain order in life that supposed to play out. We've been told from the time we were kids that if you worked hard, study lots and practice discipline, then everything is supposed to work out in your favour. However, poker and gambling in general just doesn't follow these rules. Sometimes no matter how hard you try and how much better you might be than another player, you're going to lose. That's what happens when you play a game of chance.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm a huge believer in hard work paying off and study/discipline being key factors in long-term success in poker, but take any given random all-in hand against a random player and all the hard work and other key traits go out the window. It comes down to percentages and the cards and you have no control over it.

For some, it's a really difficult (almost impossible) thing to accept. That someone less experienced and less skillful than you can take all your money or eliminate you from a tournament. However, if you look at it from the flipside, it's what allows people to gravitate towards the game. It's what allows a group of friends to have a weekly poker game for years or even decades. It's the thought that anyone can win at any given time.

If you're one of these complainers, hopefully this will give you some persepective.

Good luck at the tables!