Just a heads-up, even though this is a poker blog, this post will have nothing to do with poker. LOL

So, I'll give you a chance to drop off right now...

Alright, you've read to here so now you have to read the rest of course.

Once or twice a month, a good friend and I go to our local horse race track and have dinner and wager on the races. Each racing night will have a grouping of 10 races and we just have some fun.

My friend is much more into the races and can actually read the program and understand what all of those statistics mean. For me, I have no idea about horse racing and I'm quite possibly the biggest horse racing betting donk out there, but just having natural gamble in me like all of us do, I tend to get a little carried away.

Last night was no exception as my losses cost as much as dinner did for the two of us, but I have fun with it because of the social aspect of it. I just like the idea that we can have some great laughs and get a little bit of a sweat when my horse is close to winning.

I used to bet sports a lot when I was younger, but I don't really do that much anymore. For me, I used to have all the time in the world to watch every single sporting event possible, so betting on it made it even more fun to watch. Nowadays, I don't really watch nearly as much sports as I used to, so my sports wagering has basically gone down the tube.

I am excited to go to England and Ireland in July to check out just how prevalent sports wagering is, but maybe it's nothing to be excited about. I just find it curious because there's no brick-and-mortar sports books here in Canada and we can only wager on sports through the local lottery or online.

So, what else do you guys bet on besides poker?

Like I said before, I love playing poker (obviously), used to bet a lot on sports with a little bit of horse racing mixed in.

PS: Any horse racing tips would be greatly appreciated! LOL

Good luck at the tables!