Can't believe how much time flies, but haven't written anything in almost a year.

I took my longest stretch away from poker ever back in July 2014 after my mom passed away. Mentally, I wasn't even close to where I needed to be in order to play well and the smallest of things at the table would really bother me. I knew I couldn't play well with that kind of mindset and I really wasn't enjoying myself either.

Fast forward to about a month ago and I started to play quite a bit more online as I was enjoying myself again and feeling good about playing. It took me a while to get my game back, but I'm feeling good about it now. Still sticking with the same routine of playing low stakes online just to kill time, but I plan on playing a lot more casino events this summer around the region with a trip to Vegas scheduled for October!

The one thing I wanted to write about right away was the amount of insulting chat I see and how it's just so bad for the game.

I know I can turn chat off. Many times I do when sitting with a player that has to complain about everytime they lose a hand when they were ahead. 

Quickly, here's my big 3 reasons why you shouldn't berate someone for their play:

1) Simply, it's just rude. Never mind the person's skill level or their lack of knowledge. Insulting someone else is never right, period. If you behaved that way in a home game, you wouldn't be invited back. If you behaved that way in a casino setting, the floor boss might very well ask you to leave. It's just unnecessary.

2) It turns off new players from continuing to play. Yes, they may have made the wrong strategic play and still managed to win the hand. It happens all the time. But think back to when you first started and some of the awful moves or decisions you might have made. Everyone has to start somewhere. I first started playing online over 15 years ago. If I could play myself from 15 years ago, I would destroy that player. It doesn't mean I should take every opportunity possible to insult him for his lack of knowledge.

3) If the player isn't new, but just isn't very good, why would you want to chase him away from the game? Even from the most heartless and greedy point of view, you want that poor player to stick around. In the long run, he/she will lose their money and hopefully you'll be able to collect some of it.

Yes, it stinks when you lose hands when you're well ahead and I completely understand how frustrating it is to be losing to a player that you feel is inferior. However, we need as many players around as possible to keep growing this great game. Hopefully you'll think about that next time you have something insulting written in the chat and are ready to hit that chat button.