I was so excited yesterday for the opening day of MicroMillions, but yesterday was also the day the poker gods decided to give me a large dose of bad-beats and coolers at both the tournament and cash game tables. It's one of the worst days I've had in a long time and it stinks that it happened right on the first day of the series because I'm admittedly a little sour at the moment.

I played events 4 and 5 yesterday. Event 4 was the 5.50 NL Turbo Zoom event and I was doing OK considering how many tough laydowns I had to make. Then I thought I was going to get the big double up I needed in order to start building a big stack as I ran my aces up against pocket kings. However, the K in the window put that dream to rest and I was out.

I really like the Zoom format and I wish Pokerstars would offer more of these events. It's just such a fast pace and you're constantly seeing hands, so you're always engaging with the tournament and giving it top focus.

Event 5 was a 3.30 NL tournament. The only time I was above my starting stack was after the first hand where I bluffed someone off a hand. After that, it was all downhill. My flush draw didn't come through in a 3-way pot that grew very big, so I lost the majority of my chips in that hand. Then I was completely card-dead and getting blinded off. I finally just shoved with middle pair looking to catch something and get myself a double up, but I ran into kings again and they held up for the other player.

I let my emotions get the best of me on that last hand, but after playing over 1000 cash game hands and just getting knocked around all over the place by bad beats and coolers, I basically waived the white flag and called it a day when I busted out with middle pair. I knew I was behind when I shoved, but I had hit my breaking point.

So, for today's schedule, I'm going to get away from NL tournaments to give myself a change of pace. I'll be playing Event 13, the 3.30 Stud event and Event 15, the 5.50 FL 6-Max Turbo event.

As I wrote before, Event 15 is one that I feel like I must cash in since this is a format that I play every single day at the cash tables. I don't play Stud all that often, but I do really enjoy it and I always wonder why I don't play it more often. So, hopefully things will be a lot smoother today.

Good luck at the tables!