Looking forward to the start of MicroMillions on Thursday as we get to see some enormous prize pools for players only used to putting up small amounts during regular tournament play. What other time can you see an 11 cent re-buy tournament that offers a guaranteed prize pool of 20K? LOL

I've got a ton of events circled on the calendar already and it's extremely likely that I'll be able to qualify for the 30K All-In shootout once everything is done. However, I'm more excited about getting to play some tournaments in games that I normally avoid because the field size is just too small for my liking.

For example, June 18th will be a big day for me as I have two tourneys already marked down as must-plays. Event 13 is the 3.30 stud event. Again, I normally wouldn't play stud and those that do very often will have an edge on me in this tourney, but I've always enjoyed the times I've played stud and I'm willing to overlook the disadvantage I'll have just to mix it up a bit.

I'll also be playing Event 15, which is the 5.50 limit 6-max turbo tournament. If there was ever a tournament designed for me, this one would be it since I play multiple tables of limit 6-max every single day! If I don't cash in this one, I'll be very disappointed in myself.

The other non hold'em tournaments I'm looking at are:

Event 25 - 3.30 NLHE (Ante-Up): Yes I know I just wrote "non-hold'em" just above, but this one is a little different because of the lack of blinds. If you've never played this format, I highly suggest trying it out. It's really interesting to see the different strategies come out to try and grab the large ante pot pre-flop.

Event 49 - 8.80 HORSE: The classic format of trying to determine who's the best overall poker player on that particular day. Plus I get to play Razz! If you like getting frustrated, there's no better game out there than Razz. LOL

Of course, I want a piece of Event 98, otherwise known as the $22 Main Event, so I'll look to satellite my way in first, but if I can't, I'll most likely break my bankroll rules just to give it a shot. Hopefully it doesn't come to that though...

Only 6 days left...good luck at the tables!