Looking forward to finally having a chance to be at the tables later today after what has been a very busy week for me. I love the game so much that after a few days without poker, I get so giddy when I finally sit down and open up a few tables to play. I even have to steady myself to make sure I play my game and not get too wild just because I'm just so excited to play.

One of the things I think about during the time I'm not playing is what games I want to play and what games I should be playing. Obviously, when I think about what I want to play, it's more about what's going to allow me to have the most fun at the tables. When I think about what I should play, it's more about increasing bankroll. As I've said many times on this blog already, I tend to go for what I want to play because I'm not at the tables purely for financial gain.

For me, the games I have the most fun playing happening to be the limit games, especially limit hold'em, stud and razz. I like that these games force players to have to think through hands at all different streets. I'm sure you've heard so many times from professional players either on blogs, forum posts, TV shows, etc. that playing different games only enhances your understanding of poker in general and makes you a better player and I totally agree.

Of course, No Limit Hold'Em is the most popular game going in poker, but it's still amazing to me how many people both live and online have never played a limit game before. Your decision making post-flop, turn and river can only improve by spending a little time playing some limit games.

I especially love the element of having to remember other people's face-up cards in stud and razz. One thing that I notice with less experienced players is how little they observe things while playing. These games essentially force you to be more observant or you're going to go broke pretty quick.

For me, No Limit Hold'Em is good as a tournament game, but I don't do nearly as well in NLHE cash games. Not sure why it is, but I seem to run into coolers all the time while playing those games.

Last game I'll mention is Omaha. I think Omaha is perfect as a PLO game. Any other variation, either NL or Limit, doesn't fit quite right to me. With four hole cards and so many combinations, it just seems like the skill level goes away at either level.

So, what do you like to play and why? I don't want this to become a breeding ground for why one game is better than another. It's simply a case of what works best for you and why you enjoy it.

Good luck at the tables today!